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Hello to all my millions of readers *eye roll*
The past couple of months have been SO busy for me, hence my silence. However, considering the rate at which I post stuff here, I doubt I've been missed. Should I update you on what I've been up to? lazy to type. To summarize, I've been occupied by school and my rather large family tree.

On the upside, look at what I found!

So true! The rest of it is here...a light-hearted, sarcastic (but potentially caustic) jab at our favourite show.

And that is the extent of my update. Cheers everyone :)
word playground

Rock and roll wisdom

 Rock and roll wisdom
Splattered on the walls of
My misanthropic bubble

Flowing down to the bottom
Pooling 'round my ankles
Soaking my new shoes

Ooze between my toes
Creep back up my body
Flow through the cracks on my skin

So I watch what I can't stop
This recycled wisdom 
Crawl up to my head

Where it first came from
Unfiltered by it's age
Or hard won lessons



One of the best things in life

 If you are the kind of person who worries about their calorie intake, I suggest you turn away now. If you are not, carry on reading to learn about one of the most magnificent example of life's simple pleasures - cheese rolls

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What the...?


It's a busy, busy semester. I'm currently neck-deep in:
       - Secularism and Islam
       - The relationship between low self-esteem and anti-social behaviour
       - The Qin and Chin dynasties
       - Primary stress
       - Social commentary in contemporary fiction

And it's not even mid-terms yet. 


Short term memory

For the life of me, I can't remember how to change the links underneath a post. Like the link to post comments. Or whatever it's called. 

I've poked around and I still can't find it. I'm not having a very good semester, I can't afford brain-farts. 
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Nobody's going to read this anyway...but what the hey, I'm curious

Supernatural fans, do you ever wear white nightgowns anymore?

I never used to wear them anyway
I wear them. What difference does it make?
Yes, sometimes, but I make sure the YED isn't hiding my closet.
No! Of course not, are you nuts?!
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got sodium?

Spoilerized by Comic-con

(In case it's not entirely clear to my non-existant readers, this post refers to Supernatural. It shall be the only show I talk about here, unless I mention otherwise, because it's the only show I watch.)

I am so absolutely, totally, completely anti-spoiler, that sometimes I even refuse to watch episode promos. I just feel that the emotional experience of watching an episode (or even an entire season) for the first time and not having a clue of what's going to happen next is a vital part of the excitement. Thus, I don't read casting news. I don't read interviews during hellatus. I don't even look at any kind of news. Nothing. Which sucks ass because it means I have to rely only on rehashing the last four seasons to survive hellatus. 

I have, however, been indulging in all the reports that have come in from Comic-con. Yes, I'm with the rest of you who sit around moaning about how we'll always be too broke or live too far away to go to these things, and wait at home with barely contained excitement for the latest reports, videos, interview transcripts etc. And then, as they begin to trickle in we lap them up and devour them whole and oooppsss!!! I accidentally caught a spoiler. For me it's about as bad as getting a fishbone stuck in your throat while you're enjoying your fish dinner. Actually, so far I've gotten about three or four bits of information that I'd rather not know. By accident. So now I have to let off on all the Comic-con news. I'm sad. 

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What the...?


 Ok so...I figured since I've been wandering around here for a while, I might as well post something :)

1. In the one month (roughly) that I've been on LJ, I have fallen in love with this place (not to mention the fact that it's bloody addictive)

2. I never really bothered posting because I figured no one would read my journal, but the what the hec.

3. I am a massive fan of Supernatural (one reason I joined squee with my fellow psycho saltgunners). At the same time, I try not to go overboard with my obsession, there's a limit to everything, no matter how much you love it. 

4. I am an English Major. And I'm loving it. I plan to specialize in Linguistics (another reason I joined LJ, to meet other lovers of language, since there aren't many in real life that I can talk to besides my classmates, and some fresh air is always good)

What the...?


This is my first ever post at LJ...woohoo! I'm honestly not sure why I'm here, but I'm still learning the ropes and getting a feel of what it's like here. So, hello livejournal :)